Ghost-Hoodie ConCamo Brown


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The Ghost Hoodie is the original product from the Ghost Hood system and consists of a shirt with a hood and gloves integrated in the sleeve. The entire upper body is quickly covered in a few simple steps and thanks to the clever construction, the hoodie can also be worn over a backpack, vest or helmet. Due to the low weight and the space-saving pack size, the camouflage clothing can even be carried in your pocket at hand if necessary.

CONCAMO ® is a camouflage system based on perception psychology. Years of meticulous observation and evaluation of the forms occurring in nature led to the incomparable effect of the system.

CONCAMO ® consists of 25 levels that are arranged one above the other, creating a chaotic illusion. The subconscious is overwhelmed by the camouflage pattern and recognizes natural forms in it. In this way, the information is delayed or not passed on to consciousness.

CONCAMO ® produces camouflage fabrics for premium manufacturers. According to MilSpec/TL, with NIR colors.

– CFIX attachment points for camouflage material
– Material: 100% Polyester

Available on backorder



Color: Brown Camouflage
Weight: 320 g
Manufacturer: Ghosthood
Categories: Camo Clothing /Ghillie
State: New

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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