Ghosthood Ghost Legs Concamo Brown


The Ghosthood Camouflage Accessory Ghost Legs cover the lower part of the body. The leg camouflage with the integrated overshoes ideally round off your camouflage system. Camouflage materials from the surrounding environment can be attached to the 10 attachment points on each side. In this way, the camouflage effect is additionally improved. The leg warmers can be secured to the belt of the trousers worn underneath so that they stay in place even by movement.

The camouflage clothing is extremely effective through the use of concamo. This confuses the subconscious through the patented pattern arrangement and makes recognition at a distance and up close difficult. All parts of the system are manufactured with IRR colors in accordance with the German Armed Forces TL so they are also effective against night vision devices.
GHOSTHOOD develops IRR camouflage systems that are light, compact and effective. The focus is on the multifunctional properties of the products so that you can cover many applications with just one product.

– Material: 100% Polyester



Color: Brown, Camouflage
Weight: 220 g
Manufacturer: Ghosthood
Categories: Camo Clothing /Ghillie
State: New
EAN: 4036413310012

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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