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The Armed Defense Skill Drills Suite (ADSD) includes various training drills that focus on the improvement of timing, accuracy, and decision-making skills while employing lethal weapons. Utilizing the same technology that is used at Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, the ADSD courseware consists of drills that allow individual combatants to execute training exercises designed to improve target acquisition using either laser inserts, simulated recoil weapons, inert trainers, or the exclusive Thermal Shot TM live fire system. Each drill has adjustable settings such as a number of targets, trace time, speed and more.

Training drills focus on the improvement of a student’s speed, accuracy, and decision-making skills
Each drill allows an instructor to tailor every training session to individual skill levels from beginner to expert using adjustable settings such as number of targets, target face time, and target speed

Developed with direct input from active Military and Law Enforcement instructors and professional competition shooters.

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Armed Defense Skills Simulator

Our state of the art law enforcement simulators can augment live-fire through innovative inert laser shot indication technology and drop in recoil kits. Properly weighted sim guns with corresponding overt and covert carry accessories, and duty and concealed weapons attachments.

Classes you can take:

Armed-Defense Fundamentals
Competition Skills-Building

Things we cover:
Fundamentals of marksmanship
Weapons conditions-cycle of operations
Intro to ballistics (internal, external, terminal)
Target indicators
Escalation of force methods
Home-defense considerations

All culminating in custom scenarios to test your critical and linear thinking in various emerging threat situations.


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